We are a movement that seeks to return the right of self-government to Texans and make Texas a free, independent, and prosperous nation again.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.

The mission of the TNM is not just the political independence of Texas. We are working for the economic independence of Texas as well. That includes connecting Texans with Texas businesses that share our values and vision for a free and independent Texas full of opportunity and prosperity.

To further this mission, we have created the TNM Business Directory, a comprehensive platform where Texas-owned and operated businesses can showcase their products and services. This directory serves not only as a resource for consumers seeking to support local businesses but also as a network for companies that uphold the principles of sovereignty and self-determination.

By choosing to do business with the entities listed here, you are contributing to a robust Texan economy and reinforcing a community of enterprise that is uniquely Texan. Each business in this directory has demonstrated a commitment to the ideals we cherish and has been vetted to ensure they meet our standards of service and quality.

We invite you to explore this directory to discover and support businesses that are building a prosperous future for Texas. Whether you are looking for goods and services or opportunities for business partnerships, the TNM Business Directory is your gateway to fostering economic resilience and prosperity in our beloved state.

Together, let's prioritize the welfare of Texas and invest in a network that benefits us all—cultivating a marketplace where freedom, opportunity, and prosperity flourish.

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